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The FONA Foundation for Research on Nature Conservation

The FONA foundation was founded in 1967 by prof M.F. Mörzer Bruyns of RIVON, the former National Institute for Nature Conservation, nowadays Wageningen Environmental Research. The FONA foundation administers a modest capital from which annually subsidies are granted to projects on nature conservation. 

The foundation manages a modest budget from which grants are annually awarded to projects related to nature conservation.   

Initially FONA provided subsidies mainly for the benefit of nature conservation and management in the Netherlands. In recent years FONA has developed into a fund for promising students, offering them opportunities to participate in international projects on nature protection.

The possibilities for young talented students to participate in international nature conservation are still limited. Both the International nature protection and the development of talented professionals can profit from wider opportunities. In this way risk-bearing projects can be started and young people can lay the foundation for a professional career in nature conservation.

With relatively limited resources is already a great deal to achieve. For example FONA recently allowed students to provide a contribution to research projects as:
- the reintroduction of Przewalski horses in the Hustai National Park in Mongolia;
- protection of montane rainforests in Costa Rica against the effects of climate change;
- the conservation of endemic fish species (barbels) in Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

The next few years FONA will develop as a major fund for gifted young researchers who have experience in the field of international nature conservation. The foundation tries in the short term to acquire sufficient resources to meet the growing demand in this area.

What has FONA to offer?

  • sound scientific and policy assessment of research proposals;
  • coaching in the improvement of research proposals in the case of promising projects;
  • financial assistance, closely attuned to the actual requirement.

How you can participate as sponsor:

  • Sponsorship of a project of your choice
  • If you wish, the name of your organisation is listed in the research reports.
  • Your once-only donation or yearly contribution ensures you being listed on our website and in other publications you desire.
  • With a financial donation, on a one-time basis or in the form of an annual grant, you help to realise the objectives of FONA. 
  • A substantial sponsoring secures your primary sponsorship and ensures you being listed as such on our website (sponsoring

FONA’s board:
Dr. Henk Smit (Chair)
Ms. Roos Kuiters BSc. (Secretary)
Ms. Marielle Beijen MSc. (Treasurer)
Dr. Ignas Heitkönig
Ir. Guus Schutjes
Ms. Marloes Leeflang MSc.

For any correspondence:
FONA Foundation
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.